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The Association will award the recipients at the
Wildwood Annual Meeting.

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NJSFCA CONVENTION MEETING – Thursday, September 15 at 1pm – We Look Forward To Be Back In Person Will Our Of Our Members and Partners. 

NJ State Fire Chiefs Assoc. is inviting you to our scheduled Firemans Convention meeting  Thus, September 15, 2022.; at 1pm in the Convention Center.

OUR GUEST SPEAKER WILL BE – NJ Native – Eriks Gabliks, the Superintendent of the National Fire Academy

Annual Wildwood Convention Training Seminar will feature Chief Anthony Avillo, along with Lexipol’s Chief Bruce Bjorge. The Seminar will be on Thursday, September 15 at 8:30 Am. Registration starts at 7: 30 AM. See the following link for more information on topics and registration information.


Any questions, contact: 1st Vice president Tony Correia at


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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Mentor?
Link To Apply –
We are now recruiting peer mentors for our new Chief-to-Chief Peer Mentoring Initiative. We are recruiting current or previous, chiefs and officers to be mentors/advisors to other chiefs and officers looking for advice, and or input on matters of interest and or importance to them. The following provides a brief description of the intent of the program:
This program will pair up chiefs and other officers who are looking for advice, and or knowledge with peers who will mentor/advise them on items/issues of similar interest. Our goal is to share the institutional knowledge that many of our members of gained over the years through education and experience to those seeking to increase knowledge and understanding of the topics they’ve chosen. Our goal is to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experiences of our over 800 members to share with others who would like to utilize all those years of wisdom.
The Peer/Mentors will be asked to submit their areas of knowledge/expertise in the database, as well submit a resume, letter of interest through the survey application link below. This resume can also be in video form, (for you Tik-Tokers).
There will be online classes for the mentors to understand how the process works, share best practices, as well as other support and reference resources to be available for the mentors.
The following link is to apply to be a Mentor/Advisor and collect information about you relevant to your areas of interest to mentor. We look forward to your participation and sharing your well-earned and relevant institutional knowledge. Any questions contact: 1st VP Tony Correia at




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NJ State Fire Chiefs Association

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

The last time the Constitution and Bylaws were updated was 2006. The officers of the NJSFCA determined it was would be beneficial to the organization to update the Constitution and Bylaws due to:

  1. Much has changed since 2006. It was time to update to stay current
  2. Due to cancelling the Death Benefit program due to lack of participation.

The following is the link to The Constitution with the proposed changes: /wp-content/uploads/2022/08/NJSFCA-Proposed-Amended-CONSTITUTION-AND-BY-LAWS-with-changes-8_14_2022.pdf

Our current constitution is on our website.

We are asking our members to review and be prepared to act on these proposed changes at our September 15, 2022, meeting in Wildwood. Any questions or comments, please contact 1st Vice President Tony Correia at


    2021 Meeting Schedule – New Jersey Fire Safety Commission 

    January 20th 10 AM Location TBD Wednesday 


    March 17 th 10 AM Location TBD Wednesday

    May 19th 10 AM Location TBD Wednesday 
    July 21st 10 AM Location TBD Thursday
    September 16, Thursday at 10 AM WildWood Crest FD
    November 17 th 10 AM Location TBD