Safety Alert – Airbag Deployment Due to Water Exposure
Unexpected airbag deployment in vehicle being removed from flooded street – Collingswood Fire Department

Lesson Plan – Pennsylvania POV Crash Line-of-Duty Death
Twenty-year-old Pennsylvania volunteer firefighter killed responding to a motor vehicle crash in a separate one-vehicle rollover crash – no seatbelt.

Highway Incident Traffic Safety Guidelines for Emergency Responders
These uniform operational guidelines ensure safe operations by emergency responders dispatched to incidents on limited access highways in the State of New Jersey.  They identify vehicle safe positioning, common general safety and onsite practices for all emergency responders.  They also identify the need to provide mobility for the motoring public – PDF

Forest Fire Service – Critical Issues
A discussion of NJ Forest Fire Service staffing by Maris Gabliks, NJ State Fire Warden – PDF

BMW Mini E First Responder Information
Important information for First Responders about the Mini E electric vehicle now beginning to appear in the New York metropolitan area

BMW Mini E Quick Reference Chart
A Quick Reference Chart for response to emergencies involving the mini E

K-12 Power Blade Failure
Details of a failure of a Partner K-12 power saw blade (Target EH series 14″ hand-held High Speed DRY/WET cutting Diamond Blade)

Not a Normal Saddle Tank
“Clean vehicle” LNG saddle tanks add a new dimension to crash response.

New Jersey DFS Bulletin 2008-1
Directive on School Lockdowns and Fire Safety – PDF

New Jersey EMS System Review Report
New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services – PDF

New Jersey Public Safety Transition Report Review
Facilitated by the New Jersey Fire & Emergency Medical Services Institute on the Final Report Prepared for Governor-Elect Jon S. Corzine by the Homeland Security and Public Safety Transition Policy Group – Word Document

Seattle FD CNG Incident Slide Show
A PowerPoint Presentation