NJ State Fire Chiefs Association


Welcome to the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Association. ~ ~ ~ 

  • The Purpose of this Association shall be:



a. The Discussion and Dissemination of Methods of Prevention and Suppression of Fires.


b. To Give Attention to Such Other Matters as the Fire Service Shall, From Time to Time, Bring Before It.


c. The Promotion of Social and Fraternal Fellowship.



 Annual Membership Meeting
Firemen's Momorial Hall
Wildwood, New Jersey
September 15, 2016
at 13:00 HRS (1:00 PM) 
Annual Training will be coming to Wildwood again this year on September 15, 2016 in the Firemen;s Momoral Hall from 8:00 to 11:00 AM 
Information on  Training Page
Training is open to all Firefighters who sign up
The Five Trumpet Journal
for June 2016 is now on
the MEMBERS ONLY page 
The Password will changed each year
The new password is on the back of the
2016 ID Cards



The 2016 Scholarship

 Are online and given out in Wildwood

at our Annual Meeting:



The Five Trumpet Journal
Publications currently available
as PDF documents:
All new Journals will  be placed on the
" Members Only" page
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